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Man’s best bet at finding man’s best friend.

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Arti Sebuah Keikhlasan

Hidup adalah perjalanan. Ketika seorang lelaki diantara dua wanita maka sebelum melangkah untuk menempuh perjalan lebih jauh, dia harus rela dan ikhlas menjadi tripod berjalan. :D hehe


See Saw Seen

Dependent: i dont know,  i couldnt make a decision!! black? white? i choose grey

Perfectionism: you must straight! Black or White! Pick One!

Flexible: World is colourfull :D

Why I like children?

X : - Do you know why i like children?

Y : - Because of they are cute

X : - Beep..

Y : - Because..you are phedophilian!

X : - damn!

Y : - Ok, but im not curious at all, but you still have to tell me!

X : - Because they dont know who are Dogma and Fear